Working with an international crew

Alternate title: Long distance post production / Int. Post Production

This post will highlight my experiences working with an international crew

I’ve been gaining experience this past year whilst working on the film ‘Die Tobelhockerin,’ a Liechtenstein saga based around the ‘Tobelhocker.’

Why work with an international crew?

It is a challenge working with people you have never met before. When we got invited to DP the film ‘Die Tobelhockerin’ it was a challenge primarily because we were faced with limited time and limited budget.


  1. Long distance relations
  2. Working with uncertainty
  3. Winging it
  4. Flexibility
  5. Financial ?
  6. Language Barriers

Int. Color Grading

Color grading with an international director and producer is challenging because majority of the times you wont get instant feedback. There are ways such as using Skype screen share or Davinci Resolve’s RemoteGrade (Which required a dongle license at the clients end.) Alternatively you can export segments of the clips for review, but defiantly not as streamlined as it would be if the director was sitting next to you.

Effects and Feedback?


Its important to learn to compromise when working on a collaborative project.


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